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  1. How often is the Market held?

    As a rule the Market is held once a month. Although, if dates become available, there may be two markets in some months.

  2. Is the market always on the same Sunday each month?

    No, it can be on any Sunday of the month.  Be sure to check out our Future Dates page for the next Market Date.

  3. Is the market all indoors?

    It is all indoors with one exception, and that is Labor Day Sunday. On that Sunday the market is held outdoors in the Armory parking lot and is free to the public starting at 9:00am.

  4. What is the door prize drawing and how often is it announced?

    The door prize is a $10.00 gift certificate at Home Town Buffet and it is announced every hour from 10:am through 3:00pm.

  5. If I leave the building can I get back in with my door prize ticket?

    No. Only a stamp on the hand will get you back into the building.

  6. Is there a snack bar?

    As a rule, yes.

  7. Does the market operate year around?

    Yes. In Forty Four years only two markets have been canceled. One due to a forest fire and one due to a flood.

  8. Does the public have to be out of the building by 4:00 pm?

    No. But the sellers are starting to pack up and we will start picking up tables and chairs.